A wedding is for everyone else, an elopement is for you!

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As I see it there are two types of elopements. The first that probably jumps to mind  is when a couple decides to get married on short notice and heads off to the Marriage registry. There is absolutely nothing wrong that! The Registry Office in Melbourne is a gorgeous building and there are so many great locations in walking distance for a great story of your penultimate day in Melbourne.

The second is more of a destination elopement.  This is more like an intimate ceremony at a gorgeous location.

It could be just the couple, the officiant and the photographer. There could also be the couples immediate family and friends in attendance. The great things about elopments is that there are n’t any rules and such a great option for couples where all the hype and hoopla is just not their style.

The Yarra Valley is a great elopement destination. Good wine, good food and an awesome backdrop any time of the day or year.


I have seen more than my share of weddings and the thing I see the most in my couples eyes is the stress of planning a wedding. Losing sleep over your guest list, who will you offend by not asking them to be part of your bridal party, how you are going to afford the reception and the list goes on.

Not long ago your parents would have contributed heavily to your wedding, not so much these days. So the big question, do you want to start your new married life together with a huge debt after your wedding or divert your house deposit to your reception? I reckon f you decide that is not for it’s not selfish, it’s sensible.

Elopements are so special because it is about the love you two share.


Well apart from the obvious that we have been photographing weddings in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley for the past 12 years and know all of the right people and all of the best spots it’s kinda what we did, just in Sienna, Italy. Don’t be shy though, if you want us to come to Sienna with you we are bang up for it!


We pretty much look after all of the little details for you. We have teamed up with a number of liked minded professionals in the industry to take the guess work out of your day. We look after the Celebrant, Bouquet, Hair and Makeup for you. All that is left is to narrow down the locations and we are off!


That’s the easy part. Just drop us an email, tell us your story and we will start the planning.


My goal is to record an experience that is true to you. So are you ready to start your married life on your terms? Great! Drop me an email or give me a call. It’s now over to you : )

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