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It’s your wedding day, and technically, you’re the star of the show. However, the groom’s speech is usually wedged in that awkward space between the rollicking humour of the best man’s speech and the father-of-the-bride’s show-stopper. How, then, to make sure that your toast stands out? Here are some tips on how to pull off a great groom’s speech.

Get the formalities out of the way quickly. Kick things off by thanking all of the guests, making special mention of any out-of-towners. Give particular thanks all those involved in the planning of the wedding. Take the chance to really butter up the in-laws, and thank them for all of their support. Lastly, give a heartfelt thank-you to your parents.

If you’re a witty raconteur by nature, let that shine through in your speech. Don’t shy away from humour if the occasion calls for it. Keep scandalous stories and anecdotes to a minimum, however. It is, after all, the job of the best man to rake up the dirt and indulge in a little clean public roasting. If you feel you lack the knack for humour, then don’t force it. Keep the speech sincere and genuine – be yourself!

Lay off the booze before the speech. You’ll be surprised at how many grooms hit the bar for a little Dutch courage and end up overdoing it. Keep the speech clean, classy and sober. Slurring is strictly forbidden. Expletives are positively outlawed.

Spend time preparing the speech. Don’t for a moment think you’ll be able to wing it with a glass of sparkling wine and some scribbled notes on a napkin. If you’re not a confident public speaker, get some tips on how to relax beforehand. If the thought of being up there alone is too nerve-wracking, consider making a joint speech with the bride.

Spend a good portion of the speech talking about your bride. Talk directly to her and let her know how much she means to you. After all, this is your only chance to be sappy and heartfelt – milk it for all it’s worth. It also doesn’t hurt to mention (a few times) how stunning she looks in this particular section of the speech. Conclude everything neatly with a toast to the bride, the love of your life.

Speaking of the Bride, we have some tips for The Bride inclined to make her own speech.