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The weeks preceding your wedding are stressful, and we all know how Bridezilla tends arise if things aren’t going to plan. What many brides forget is that your wedding should be a joyous affair, without presence of giant, scaly beasts and ravaged cities. Here, then, are some stress-aversion techniques to try in the days leading up to I Do.

Set aside some cash for a bit of well-deserved pampering. Dress still making you look like a decorated muffin? Seating arrangements threatening an apocalyptic pimple outbreak? Book yourself in for a monthly facial and massage. Not only will this relieve some of the stress associated with planning and preparations, but will ensure that you look glowing, relaxed and healthy on the important day.

It’s also a good idea to live healthily. Eat fresh fruits and veggies. Do a bit of yoga. Get eight hours of sleep a night, and dabble in the consumption of herbal teas. This all may sound slightly New-Agey, but will ensure that there are no cringe-worthy photos on the day of the wedding. Your skin will glow and more importantly, your weight will be stable enough to guarantee that your wedding dress fits the way it’s supposed to. Don’t starve yourself either! Your dress can only be altered so many times, and nobody wants to see Skeletor walk down the aisle.

If your skin is so pale you’re blending into your wedding gown, consider a spray tan. It’s safer than a normal tan, and will give you an attractive and healthy sparkle for those all-important photographs. However, it is crucial that you go in for a trial tan months in advance. Another little tip for photographs, go easy on the spray tan around the hands, the colour tends to fill up the tiny lines with a not too pleasant accent.  You do not want to look like a leathery Donnatella Versace look-alike on one of the most important days of your life.

Delegate tasks, and appoint a troubleshooter to take care of any (touch wood) problems on the wedding day. Thankfully, most venues have a crisis-management-in-chief to co-ordinate all of the important events, so that you can get married stress-free.

Most importantly, enjoy the pampering. This will (hopefully) be the one day in your life in which all of the attention is on you, so indulge – without turning into a diva, of course.