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brides speech

These days, it’s not uncommon for women to break away from tradition and make their own wedding speeches. After all, why let the lads hog all the limelight? It’s also a great opportunity for you hold everyone’s attention before the open bar becomes more appealing.

Since the bride’s speech isn’t too steeped in convention, you have free-reign on what to say. It’s your time to shine, so make it personal and mention all of the things that are important to you, obligation-free. There are, however, a few things to include ensure that you don’t leave anyone out.

Kick it off by thanking everyone for coming. Make special mention of those who have come from far and wide to be with you on this special occasion. Also be sure to thank anyone who has made a special contribution to the wedding, like a home-made cake. You might also want to apologise to friends and co-workers for being in hard-core wedding mode in the days leading up to the wedding. Re-build any bridges you may have burnt when Bridezilla came to town.

Focus on your new marriage by relating a handful of funny or touching anecdotes. Talk about how you first met, you first date or first “I love you.” Now is the time to tell your partner just how much he means to you in the most heartfelt of ways, so go all out and induce some vomiting if needs be. That’s the whole point of a wedding, after all!

Thank your parents for not completely ruining your upbringing. Their love and support count for the most during the stressful weeks leading up to the wedding. Let them know that you appreciate them and love them very much. Give the in-laws a mention and thank them for welcoming you to the family.

If you are a confident speaker, this should be a doddle. If, however, you’re uncomfortable with public speaking, consider making a joint speech with the groom. This should take the edge off any nerves you may feel in front of the guests. This is also a good idea if you’re a natural crier, and might help you through all of those wobbly chins and snotty noses. Just be sincere, and your guests will appreciate.