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how to have a fun wedding reception

It’s not easy to ensure a fun wedding reception. In fact, many receptions have ended at 11pm, with the DJ playing “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith over an empty dance floor. If you want to avoid the ignominy of a boring reception and keep the party going well into the night, here are a few essential tips.

Hire a day-of-the-wedding co-ordinator. You might have the best DJ, the most dramatic entrance, and even an elephant waiting in the wings, but if you can’t manage all of these things, the party will fall flat. An on-the-ball co-ordinator will choreograph all of the necessary events of the reception, ensuring that there are no lulls in the action. She/he will also smooth out any unexpected glitches so you don’t have to!

Don’t let the toasts ramble on and on. Long speeches are bound to have the guests dozing in their champagne before the dance floor is even open. Consult with your speakers and make sure that they hone their toasts to a maximum of two minutes. Make sure that they shorten any elaborate stories to sharp, concise anecdotes.

Organise some entertainment for the kids. You don’t want your poor harried friends fussing over their sproglets with they could be tearing up the dance floor. Create a game area for the kids with toys, colouring books, movies and plenty of soft pillows. If you have the cash, hire a baby-sitter or supervisor to make sure they’re well-looked after.

Be on the same page as your DJ. It’s terrible when your guests evacuate the floor as soon as the Macarena comes on! Ensure your playlist has all of the songs you want, including some essential crowd-pleasers. Make sure you have a blacklist of songs that absolutely should not be played.

Finally encourage your guests to cut loose by offering some party favours. Examples are colourful streamers, crazy masks, and sound-makers. Be quirky and hand out neckties for people to wear on their heads when the dancing really gets going. These fun little details will have everyone exploring their silly sides before long.

Following these tips will make sure that your guests linger for longer. They will also guarantee that your reception is talked about around many a water-cooler for weeks to come.