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What makes Quat Quatta a top Wedding photography Location in Melbourne

Nestled in Ripponlea, fifteen minutes away from the Melbourne city centre, is Quat Quatta. It is one of the most elegant wedding venues in Victoria, boasting a unique period design, lofty ceilings and luxurious finishings. A trip to Qua -Quatta is a journey back in time, where the stateliness of Victorian architecture meets the clean, crisp style of contemporary Australia.

Quat Quatta is a dream-venue for photographers. The Victorian mansion of the main site boasts lavish rooms, staircases and dining halls. Sumptuous drapes are hung in every corner, giving visual texture to each memorable picture. The bridal and groom’s suites feature chandeliers, paintings and embellished mirrors – all boasting meticulous period detail.

In contrast, the dining room clean, white and spacious. It can accommodate between 60 and 150 guests for an opulent sit-down dinner. For cocktail affairs, 300 guests can comfortably occupy the space. Crisp, white table-covers feature in this particular room, with silver cutlery and candelabras lending to the overall Victorian aesthetic. The catering has received plenty of stellar reviews, and specialises in Modern Australian, European, Kosher and cocktail cuisine. However, the catering staff members are flexible enough to accommodate any preferences you may have for your reception.

Quat Quatta also lends itself to unforgettable outdoor photographic opportunities. The gardens are elegantly manicured, featuring immaculate lawns and hedges. It also boasts picturesque terraces that provide breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside. These terraces also are perfect for photographs of your beloved guests enjoying a decadent post-ceremony cocktail.

Renovators Hacker, Phelan and Guthrie have done a remarkable job at bringing this rambling Victorian mansion to life again. They have managed to restore it to its former glory, but have also given it a comfortable, modern twist. View the site for yourself at 17 Quat Quatta Avenue, Ripponlea.



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