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Night Wedding Photography at The Langham

We often get asked about photographing in hard, low light situations. What sort of lighting we use, can use, bring to a wedding. I think these questions are curious, as an experienced photographerit is our job to be as proficient with natural light as much as we are with flash or continuous light. I mean, really, photography is all about light and a photographer needs to be as comfortable with flash or any other form of light generation.

Geek Warning – Technical Info coming up

We got back to The Langham at around Midnight and Laura and Enzo were really keen on a night photo with the city skyline. I wanted to keep a nice exposure on the city without having to pump the iso. Doing this would mean a long exposure with the lens stopped down to around f16 to hold sharpness on the railing and the city in the background. I wasn’t getting what I wanted with the flash on the couple and having them stay still to nail the ambient exposure on the background. So I did two exposures, one around f2.8 on the couple with a Lowell light and the second with a long exposure stopped down. Tripod of course, composited in photoshop.

Low light photography is great fun, it is perfect for some great creativity.

This shot was from The Langham out across the Melbourne CBD.