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It’s all fine and well to have a cookie-cutter wedding. But it’s rather limiting in terms of your own personal tastes and preferences. What if you don’t want a huge wedding cake, or voluminous white dress? Here are some of the ways in which you can put your own personal stamp onto the wedding festivities, making them more special for you and for your loved ones.

Make Your Own Invites

Do you have a quirky knack for art and design? Consider making your own hand-crafted wedding invitations. Not only will this give you the chance to put a unique twist on invite distribution, but it’ll safe you a whole lot of cash too. Experiment with free-hand drawing, collage work, printing and photography. Don’t have the talent for personalised invitations? Enlist the skills of an arty friend to help you make the right impression.

A Different Kind of Dining Experience

Make sure your guests feel right at home by putting a fresh slant on seating arrangements. Make your own seating cards that express your individual sense of style. This also applies to the table settings. Instead of going for a boring flowery centrepiece, how about putting together your own floral arrangements? You can even forgo flowers altogether by using shells, corals, antique jars and bottles and even special framed photographs.

Cut the Cake

You don’t have to have an eight- tiered wedding cake monstrosity. Remember to stick to what suits you best. Go for little cupcakes instead, or mini-towers of petit-fours or macaroons. This will make it easier for the guests to snack on the “cake” in between Conga Lines on the dance floor.

Wedding Favours

Again, go for something that best represents YOU. Instead of those generic wedding chocolate favours, go for something a little unusual. What about small jars of jam or fruit preserve? Silken bags of fragrant dried flowers? How about a baking mix for that great muffin recipe all your friends love? Think out of the box for wedding favours, and your guests will appreciate the attention to detail.

Following these strategies will ensure your wedding best represents you and your partner’s preferences. The will also guarantee a more personal, intimate wedding experience.