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I am sure you have been a little curious as to what goes on with your images once your wedding is over. Well, while you are of on your honeymoon we are busily importing your images into our workflow. The images are first taken off the cards in the cameras and copied across to our Network Drives. They are then backed up to another set of drives in a different location.

All of your images then get imported into Lightroom where the work begins. We then go through your images in Lightroom and cut out test shots, duplicates etc and make a collection.

With the collection we then start to process the images. RAW images straight out of the camera are very flat and pretty ordinary to look at. Think of them like a film negative(if you are old enough that is) What the RAW images do have is a bucket of image information and we use Lightroom to massage the images in to a shape we like. That includes sharpness, colour correction, toning and cropping if necessary.

Here are some interesting numbers for you…for every hour we spend shooting your wedding we spend 2-3 hours on the computer afterwards. For every hour of shooting we will supply to you around 80 -110 finished images. All of our images are processed and retouched in house, by us…we don’t outsource.

For images in your album and hero shots we then start using Photoshop to realise the vision of the image we had for you on the day.

The example of Stephanie and Tim in the before and after up top is a great example of A. what a RAW image looks like before any work is done to it(Lightroom does do a little bit of tweaking on import but not a lot) and B. The vision I had for it when I took the image.

Our eyes and brain are amazing at capturing and interpreting a scene and the humble digital camera does a pretty good job, once you extract and enhance the information to your vision.